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“Frank” and I : Part 1 Chapter 8 – A full confession【Classic British Spanking Novel】


– The day after.
– A full confession.
– “Frank’s” schooldays.
– Decoyed.
– Life in the Kensington bagnio.
– Innocence dispelled.
– The refusal and what came of it.
– The mysterious spanking revealed.
– Thrice severely slapped with a slipper.
– Harry’s clothes.
– The metamorphosis and the escape.
– The flight to Southampton.
– The fugitive’s lucky fate.
– The second night of love.

I went down to breakfast at the usual hour, but Frances did not make her appearance until I had nearly finished my meal; then she came running into the room, smilingly apologized for being late, and took her seat at the table.

She was dressed in a well-made suit of light clothes, and it was hard to believe that the well-groomed, good-looking young “gentleman” sitting opposite to me, was the girl whose maidenhead I had taken only a few hours previously.

Her face was rather pale, and her eyes were a little heavy, but she looked cheerful, and was apparently quite unconcerned at the loss of her virginity.

“Well, Frances,” I said, helping her to a devilled kidney, “I hope you have a good appetite. How do you feel? Is the spot sore?”

She smiled and blushed slightly, but replied with perfect coolness: “My appetite is not quite so good as usual. I feel rather languid; and the ‘spot’ is still a little sore; though I bathed it well with cold water when I was taking my bath.”

“Never mind. The soreness will soon pass off,” I said, going over to her and kissing her cheek.

“Oh, I don’t mind it a bit. I love you!” she exclaimed; throwing her arms round my neck, and returning my kiss with interest. I was pleased with the girl’s affection, for I had become really fond of her; so, I took her in my arms, and gave her a good hug.

Then, as I had some business to do in Winchester, I ordered the dog-cart to be got ready, and I asked Frances if she would like to come with me. But she said with a little smile, that she preferred to remain quiet for the day; so, giving her a parting kiss, I went away.

My business occupied me till late in the afternoon, and when I got back home, I went straight up to my room, so that I did not see Frances until we met at dinner.

And then I was glad to see that she was looking quite herself again; her cheeks had regained then» delicate pink colour, and her pretty, blue eyes were as limpid and bright as ever.

We were both hungry, and as the cook had sent up a nice little dinner, we did full justice to it, and we drank a bottle of champagne. Throughout the meal, Frances was in high spirits, and full of fun, making me laugh several times with her humorous remarks.

After I had smoked a cigar, we went into the drawing-room, and I sat in an easy-chair near the open window, while Frances sat on a stool beside me, resting her arm on my knee; and it suddenly struck me that she ought now to tell me all about the mysterious ladies who had kept her for six months, and then turned her out.

So, I said: “Frances, I wish yon to give me all particulars about your life with the ladies who took you from the school; and you most tell me the true reason why they ill-treated you, and why they told you to go away from their house. I also want to know what put it into your head to pass yourself off as a boy.”

She took my hand and pressed it, saying: “I will tell you everything. There shall be no secrets between us now.”

She began-

“I have never told you a lie, though, as you know, I acted one for years. My full name is Frances Howard, and, as I long ago informed you, my father and mother both died in India, when I was a little over nine years of age.

A month after their death, I was sent to England, and put to school in an establishment at Highgate, where there were about twenty other girls of various ages.

We were well treated, and well taught, and though the mistress-whose name was Blake-was strict, she was just and kind. She sometimes used the rod, but the punishment was inflicted in private; no girl ever being allowed to see another girl birched.

I myself, never received a blow of any sort during the whole time I was at the school; Mrs. Blake was kind to me, and I was fairly happy. Five years passed over quietly.

I was fourteen years of age, and had never been away from the establishment for a day; when one morning, Mrs. Blake called me into her private sitting-room, and told me that she was sorry to say she could not keep me any longer in her school, as she had not received any money to pay for my board and education, for six months past: and she also informed me, that the banker, with whom my money had been lodged, had written to say that my account was overdrawn, and that there was no more cash coming to me.

“Then she went on to say that she had mentioned my case to a lady whom she knew; and the lady had most kindly said that she would take me into her house as a companion to her little daughter: and she finished up by telling me to get all my things ready, as the lady was coming for me next day.

“I was not much troubled at hearing that my money was all gone.

As I had never had much to spend, I had very little idea as to its value, and therefore I could not grasp the full significance of what had happened; and as I was very tired of the monotony of my life at the school, I was glad to hear that I was going to have a change.

So, I left the room, and spent the rest of the day arranging and packing my clothes, for I had a good wardrobe for a girl of my age.

“Next day, after I had had my dinner as usual with the other girls, Mrs. Blake told me to put on my things, then to go to the drawing-room, and wait there for the lady, who might come at any moment.

“I obeyed: and at about three o’clock, Mrs. Blake came into the room accompanied by two handsomely dressed ladies, whom she addressed as Mrs. Leslie, and Miss Dundas, and who, as I afterwards found out, were sisters.

Mrs. Leslie was a tall, dark, good-looking woman about thirty-five years of age. Miss Dundas, who was twenty-five years old and very pretty, was always called ‘Kitty’ by her sister.

“Mrs. Blake introduced me to the ladies, who shook me by the hand, both of them speaking kindly to me; and I thought to myself that it would be very pleasant to live with such nice people.

“In a short time, Mrs. Leslie asked me if I was quite ready to go. I replied that I was.

My old schoolmistress bade me good bye, kissed me, and gave me a sovereign; then she shook hands with the two ladies, who immediately left the room, taking me with them.

At the door of the house, a brougham was waiting; the ladies and I got in; the coachman touched the horses with his whip, and in another moment, I was rapidly being driven away from the house in which I had passed five dull, but not unhappy years.

I felt a little sorrowful, and the tears rose to my eyes; but I soon recovered my spirits; the novelty of the whole thing was very pleasing; I had never before been in such a fine carriage, and I leant back against the soft cushions, feeling very comfortable, and thinking that my new friends must be very rich people.

The two ladies conversed in low tones, glancing occasionally at me; and after a long drive, the brougham stopped at a house in a broad street; the name of which I have forgotten; but it is, I know, somewhere in Kensington.

The house, which was a large one, stood back a little from the street, in a garden surrounded by a high wall.

We got out of the carriage; Mrs. Leslie touched the button of an electric bell, and in a moment the garden gate swung open, then we walked up a short path and entered the house.

Mrs. Leslie at once took me upstairs to a prettily furnished bedroom, and told me to make myself at home; then she gave me a kiss, and went away.

A minute or two afterwards, my box was brought in by two smartly dressed servant girls, one of whom remained in the room and assisted me to unpack my things; and when we had put everything away in the chest of drawers, and wardrobe, she brushed my hair, which then was very long, hanging loose over my shoulders nearly down to my waist.”

Here Frances paused for a moment in the telling of her story, and said, “I have always regretted the loss of my beautiful hair.”

“It will grow again, whenever you choose to let it,” I said, playing with the short curls on her forehead.

She continued her narrative.

“The servant girl showed me downstairs, and into a most charming little drawing-room, where I found Mrs. Leslie, Miss Dundas, and five other young ladies, sitting on low easy-chairs, or reclining on couches, having afternoon tea.

These young ladies were all pretty, and young; the eldest not being more than twenty-five years old, and they were all elegantly dressed.

On seeing me, they all got up from their seats, and crowded round me, looking at me with great interest, admiring my hair, and saying I was a pretty girl; and when I blushed at their outspoken compliments, they all laughed at me.

But they were kindly in their manner, and I soon found myself comfortably seated in an easy-chair, eating a piece of cake, and sipping a cup of tea, such as I had never before tasted in all my life.

The time slipped away rapidly; I felt very jolly, and quickly got on intimate terms with the young ladies, who did not treat me as a schoolgirl, but quite as if I had been a grown-up woman.

They chatted freely with me, and much to my surprise, I heard that they all lived in the house.

“At half-past seven o’clock a bell rang, then we all went into a handsomely furnished dining-room and sat down to a flower-decorated table; Mrs. Leslie presiding at the head, while Miss Dundas sat the foot.

To me, a young girl who had been accustomed to dine at one o’clock off a roast, or boiled joint, and a plain pudding; the repast seemed sumptuous, and very long; but I heartily enjoyed the delicate, well-cooked dishes, and I drank a glass of claret which was given to me, but I did not like it; though I did like the glass of sweet port I was given at dessert.

“After dinner, the six young ladies went away, leaving me alone with Mrs. Leslie, who talked to me kindly, saying she hoped I would like living with her: then she asked me if it was a fact that I had no relations? I told her that I did not know of any.

I then asked her when I should see her little daughter, to whom I was to be a companion.

She laughed heartily, saying that there had been some mistake; as she had no daughter, but only a son, Henry, who was about my age, and who was at school in the country.

I wondered how the mistake had arisen, but I did not bother my head about the matter.

After a little more talk, she took me back to the small drawing-room, and gave me a book of stories to read; then, telling me that I could go to bed whenever I felt inclined, she went away.

I read for a rime, then I began to feel sleepy, so I went up to my room, finding the gas lit, the curtains drawn, and everything neatly arranged.

I sat down in an easy-chair, feeling quite proud at having such a pretty room all to myself; then, after a short time, I undressed, put out the gas, got into the big, soft bed, and soon fell asleep.

“Next morning, I woke at my usual early hour, and I got up and dressed; then I went downstairs, but there was not a soul to be seen anywhere about the place, so I amused myself walking through the passages, and looking into the numerous rooms, all of which were beautifully furnished in different styles.

In about an hour’s time, the servants came down and began sweeping the rooms and passages, casting curious glances at me, as I roamed about; and at last, one of them told me that I had better go back to my room, as breakfast would not be ready until ten o’clock.

“I took the woman’s advice, went back to my room, and lay down upon my bed, feeling very hungry; and I was glad when I heard a bell ring, which I guessed meant breakfast, so I went down to the dining-room, where I found everyone assembled.

They bade me good morning, and we sat down at the table, which was spread with an excellent breakfast, to which I did full justice; but I noticed that some of the young ladies looked tired and sleepy, and they did not seem inclined to talk much.

“After breakfast, Mrs. Leslie and Miss Dundas went out in the brougham, and the other ladies and myself went into the little drawing-room, where we amused ourselves in various ways until lunch, which was served at two o’clock.

Later on, Mrs. Leslie rook me out for a drive» in the park; and at half-past seven we all again met at dinner; the ladies being attired in evening dress. And, as on the previous night, they all went away when the meal was over, leaving me by myself; so, I took the book I had been reading and went to my room.

“And so, the weeks passed. After the first few days, Mrs. Leslie did not take much notice of me, but the young ladies were always kind to me.

I had no duties of any sort, and I amused myself by reading or sewing; and as I was allowed to come and go just as I liked, I often went into Kensington Gardens, and I used also to wander about the streets, looking at the shop windows.

I thus gained confidence in myself, and never felt the least afraid of going about alone.

“I had very soon noticed that a great number of gentlemen called at the house every day, and frequently some of them remained to dinner; but on those occasions I was not allowed to dine at the table.

I also discovered that the gentlemen sometimes stayed all night; and long after I had gone to bed, I often heard the ladies and gentlemen talking, laughing, and singing in the big drawing-room downstairs.

“I thought it strange, but being young, and perfectly innocent, I did not then understand what it all meant.

But now that I am a woman, and have read novels, and books of all sorts, in which descriptions are given of the various queer things that go on in the world, I know what the ladies were, and why the gentlemen came to the house.”

She stopped speaking, and looked up in my face, with a little smile curving her lips; then she said: “I suppose you have already guessed what sort of an establishment it was that Mrs. Leslie kept.”

“Yes, indeed I have, Frances. But go on, I am very much interested,” I replied. She continued.

“Well, the time went on, till I had been six months in the house, and though I had a vague idea that things were not quite right, I never saw anything improper, as I was never allowed in the large drawing-room when gentlemen were there. The girls never let me into their secrets, though I knew they used to laugh and joke with each other about what went on in the house; but they always stopped talking if I happened to go into the room where they were.

“I did not then know why they were so careful of what they said before me, but now I feel certain, that the reason of their not speaking openly, was because they respected my innocence. I had always got on well with them, and I think they were all fond of me, with the exception of Miss Dundas, who never seemed to take the least interest in me.

“Mrs. Leslie, I think, took it for granted that I understood the meaning of all that went on, though she never said anything to me on the subject.

“However, I was destined soon to know more.

For some time past, I had been very much bothered with the attentions of an old gentleman whom I knew as Mr. Wood, and who was a frequent visitor to the house.

He was constantly bringing me presents of fruit, and sweets, and he also occasionally gave me a sovereign. I took all his gifts, but I hated him, and always tried to get away from him as soon as possible, though he was perfectly civil, never once attempting to take the least liberty with me.

But nevertheless, he was the cause of my being turned out of the house.

“One afternoon, Mrs. Leslie called me into the drawing-room, and said, that as she had kept me in luxury for six months, and as I was fourteen years and a half old; it was time for me to do something for her in return.

Not dreaming for a moment of what she was going to ask me to do; I said that it would give me great pleasure to oblige her in any way. She then, in the coolest manner told me that Mr. Wood had taken a great fancy to me, and that he was going to remain in the house all night, and that I was to sleep with him.

At that time, I had no very definite idea of what would happen to me if I slept with a man; but the very thought of doing so, turned my blood cold, and filled me with an intense feeling of horror and disgust. I burst into tears, and absolutely refused to sleep with the man.

“Mrs. Leslie flew into a violent passion, upbraiding me for my ingratitude to her, and she asked me scornfully if I did not know that all the young ladies in the house slept with gentlemen when required to do so. I felt myself blushing scarlet, and I trembled all over, but I stammered out that I did not know they ever did such a thing.

I really had been ignorant of the fact. She stormed at me worse than ever, saying that I was a greater fool than she had thought; and she wound up by telling me, that if I did not consent to sleep with Mr. Wood, she would give me a sound whipping.

Then she told me angrily to go to my room and think over what she had said.

I went to my room, feeling dazed and miserable, and throwing myself on my bed, wept bitterly; but in spite of her threat, I was fully determined not to sleep with Mr. Wood.

“In about an hour’s time, Mrs. Leslie and her sister came into the room: I jumped off the bed, and stood before them, feeling very frightened, but firm in my resolve.

Mrs. Leslie asked me if I would do as she had told me? I replied with the tears streaming down my cheeks, that I could not; then I implored her not to whip me, saying that I had never been whipped in my life.

“She made no reply, but seized me and laid me across the bed: Miss Dundas immediately taking hold of my wrists and holding them tightly.

Then Mrs. Leslie turned up my short frock and petticoats to my shoulders, and unfastening my drawers, pulled them down to my knees.

I did not struggle to escape, nor did I again beg her not to whip me, as I knew it would be no use; but I felt very much ashamed at being turned up in such a degrading manner; I also dreaded the pain before me, and a sort of creeping sensation passed over the flesh of my bottom as I lay on the bed, in dire suspense, waiting for the punishment to commence.

Mrs. Leslie leisurely took off one of her slippers, then she held my legs with her left hand, and began to spank me very severely; and as I had never before received a blow, I felt the pain acutely, but I tried to bear it quietly.

The stinging slaps fell in quick succession all over my bottom; the pain grew sharper and sharper; I could no longer contain myself, and I began to struggle and cry.

She went on spanking me relentlessly; my bottom seemed to be burning, and I screamed loudly at each slap.

“At last, she stopped, and put on her slipper; then she and her sister left the room, locking the door on the outside, leaving me lying on the bed, with my petticoats up and my drawers down, crying with shame and pain.

When the smarting of my bottom had somewhat subsided, I wiped the tears from my eyes, got off the bed, and fastened up my drawers, then I lay down again, and buried my face in the pillow, feeling very wretched.

“About an hour after, Miss Dundas brought me a cup of tea and some bread and butter, telling me that I should get no dinner that night; and she added that I was a young fool. She then went away, leaving me locked up.

“Next morning, after I had dressed, I sat waiting to be let out; but I was not. Some breakfast was brought to me, and later on, some lunch.

At five o’clock, Mrs. Leslie and her sister made their appearance, and I was again asked if I would consent; and again, I refused.

Then for the second time I was laid across the bed and severely spanked; and as my bottom was still sore, I felt the stinging pain of the slaps more acutely than before, and I struggled more violently, and screamed louder than on the previous day.

“When the punishment was over, I was again locked up.

“At five o’clock next day, for the third time, they came into the room, and for the third time the question was put to me. Trembling, crying, and wringing my hands in utter despair, I exclaimed that I would never consent.

Then, for the third time, my sore bottom was laid bare, and the spanking was begun. That time the pain was most intense; I winced, writhed, and shrieked at each stroke of the thick slipper. I struggled hard to get off the bed, and I tried to kick; but Miss Dundas held my wrists tightly, and Mrs. Leslie held my legs down, at the same time spanking away, without paying the least attention to my shrieks and entreaties, until she was quite out of breath.

Then she put on her slipper, and went away with her sister: locking me in the room as on the previous days.

“My flesh tingled and throbbed painfully: I was hoarse from screaming; my cheeks were furrowed with tears, and I lay on the bed, crying and sobbing in abject misery for quite ten minutes.

Then I got up, and bathed my burning, still smarting bottom with cold water, which greatly allayed the pain.

I then gathered my short petticoats up above my waist, and standing in front of the glass, I looked over my shoulder at my bottom, and saw that it was very much swollen, the skin being shiny in appearance, and a dark purple colour; it was also so tender that I could not sit down comfortably. It afterwards turned black and blue.

“I was kept locked up, and scantily fed, for three more days, but I was not again spanked. On the fourth day of my imprisonment, Mrs. Leslie came into the room, and said that if I would not do as all the other girls did; she would turn me out of the house.

The threat startled me a good deal, but I again said that I would not sleep with a man.
“She glared angrily at me; then, after telling me that I was to leave her house within twenty-four hours, she swept out of the room, leaving the door open.

“I was extremely agitated, as well as frightened, and I sank down on a chair trembling all over, but I did not intend to yield, and after a time I grew calm, and then I began to think what I should do.

“It seemed to me very hard, that the fact of my being a girl should make me liable to be subjected to all sorts of indignities.

At that moment I heartily wished I could change my sex. Then a sudden inspiration came to me.

I would dress myself as a boy, and in that guise endeavour to get some employment. It was a splendid idea; and as I thought over it, I actually laughed, for it at once struck me that I should never be asked to sleep with a man, when I was got-up in male attire.

And there would be no difficulty in completely dressing myself up in boy’s clothes.

The room next to mine was occupied by Mrs. Leslie’s son Henry, whenever he was at home; I had never seen him, but I had heard that he was about my size and age; and I knew that there was plenty of clothing of all sorts in his room.

“I would take all that was necessary, dress myself, and then go to Southampton, and be a sailor.

The whole scheme was, of course, utterly impracticable, but I did not think so at that moment, I thought it would be perfectly easy to hide my sex.”

Here Frances again stopped speaking for an instant; then said, with a laugh: “And perhaps I could have kept my secret, if you had not taken down my trousers.”

“Oh, I should have found out you were a girl, sooner or later; even if I had not taken down your trousers,” I observed, laughing.

She went on:

“No one came near me that afternoon, except the servant who brought me my tea; and I did not leave the room, so I had plenty of time to arrange my plans, and when I had settled in my mind exactly what I intended to do, I went to bed.

“Next morning, as soon as it was light, I got up, went into the boy’s room, and took out of the chest of drawers, a complete suit of clothes and all the necessary under-garments; I also was lucky enough to find a pair of boots, and a straw hat.

I went back to my room, dressed myself in the clothes, which fitted me very well, and then I cut off my hair.

I had in my possession four pounds, and a few shillings, the remains of the money given me at various times by Mr. Wood; and as I did not wish to steal the clothes, I resolved to pay for them with the four pounds.

So, I wrote a note in pencil on a scrap of paper, addressed to Mrs. Leslie, telling her what I had done, and enclosing the money.

“Then I slipped quietly downstairs-no one in the house was stirring at that early hour-opened the hall-door, and ran away as fast as I could.

I knew my way about, so I soon found an omnibus which took me to Charing-Cross, and from there I made my way to Waterloo station, where I had a cup of coffee and some bread and butter.

“I felt very awkward and uncomfortable in trousers, but as no one seemed to notice anything strange in my appearance, I soon got quite bold.

I had not money enough for a ticket to Southampton, so I took one for Farnborough, which I knew was nearly halfway to where I was bound.

When I got to Farnborough, I inquired for the Southampton Road, and started off at once, walking all day, and as I had only eighteen pence, and a long distance yet to go, I could not put up at an inn.

I spent sixpence on bread and cheese and a glass of beer, at a wayside public-house, and when it got dark, I crept into a haystack which fortunately happened to be at hand; but as I was rather frightened, I did not get much sleep, though I was very tired.

Next morning I continued my tramp, after getting some tea and bread at a cottage; and when I had paid for my breakfast, I had only sixpence left.

I had walked about fifteen miles, and was beginning to feel very depressed, when you overtook me and spoke so kindly to me. I have nothing more to tell.

You know all that has happened from the moment you took me into this dear old house where I have been so happy.”

As she finished speaking, she jumped on to my knees, threw her arms round my neck, and kissed me passionately; exclaiming: “Oh, my sweetheart! How good you have been to me! I love you!”

I kissed her, and petted her, for she had got quite excited in telling her long story; but she soon calmed down, and sat quietly on my lap, with her cheek against mine.
“You are not afraid of sleeping with a man now?” I said, smiling.

“Not when you are the man,” she replied laughing, and giving me a hug.

Then she added earnestly: “But I would not sleep with any other man in the whole world. Nothing would induce me to do such a thing.”

Then, laughing again merrily: “Not even a spanking every day for a week would make me consent.”

“Now,” I said, “tell me how it was that you’re ok? schoolmistress knew Mrs. Leslie.”

“I believe they had been schoolfellows,” she replied.

“Do you think she knew the son of house Mrs. Leslie kept?”

“No, I do not think she did. She must have been deceived in some way or other by Mrs. Leslie, who, having found out that I had no friends, took me into her house to make what she could out of me.”

“Yes. I think that is the true explanation of the matter,” I said, giving her a kiss.

“But you must be tired after all the talking. I am sure you would like to go to bed. It is very late.”

She replied that she was rather sleepy; so, we went upstairs together, and Frances walked past her room into mine without the least hesitation.

I laughed; and she made a saucy little face at me, her eyes sparkling with fun; then she undressed and got into bed.

I did the same; and in a few moments my lips were pressed to her mouth, my breast was on her bosom, and my prick was stretching her still rather sore cunt; and she was heaving up her bottom, and squeaking a little, under my powerful thrusts.

End of Part 1