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This page is dedicated to introducing the setting and works of my original series “SPA-HAKU EDITORIAL”. All content is fictional and unrelated to anything real.



In this world, spanking is a legal punishment way that is widely implemented, even in schools and workplaces.



The small Private Punishment Research Institute specializes in consultancy and training aligned with spanking methods for schools and corporations, while also engaging in research and development, such as creating spanking robots.

Originally founded by Chihiro, the adopted daughter of the influential Minamoto family in the spanking industry, as her own elite team, it unexpectedly turned into just a friendly workplace.


jobThe role of characters in the story
Area of responsibilityThe genre of articles where the character provides commentary in SPANKOLOGY pages

Chika Nanamine


JobSPA-HAKU director

The boss of the office who loves spanking implements more than anything. Constantly strapped for cash as they buy every new spanking implements, often facing financial crises.

After graduating from high school, she slipped into the Disciplinary Spanking Investigation Department by virtue of their advanced punishment skills. she still relies on that connection, but it’s also their only skill.

Extremely technologically challenged. Wears glasses for fashion.

Yurina Yoshikawa


Jobspankologist (robotics)
AoRtech & science

A brilliant mind who earned a Ph.D. in Spankology in the U.S. The brains of SPA-HAKU office. Therefore she’s only functioning at a few percent capacity during normal times. Lives by the principle of basic freedom.

She used to be a visiting researcher at The Japan Institute of Spankology, but it seems she doesn’t fit well in large organizations.

Zero athletic ability. Coffee addict and prefers grinding coffee beans from scratch.

Kaede Izumi


Jobspanking scrivener

A caretaker of the office who spends their days surrounded by troublesome individual, lazy one, pervert, and noisy students

Responsible for legal-related tasks for Spanking Act, but ends up being burdened with all other tasks as well, often leading to explosions of frustration. Somewhat prone to selective thinking.

She loves visiting Instagram-worthy cafes and drinking while watching dramas featuring handsome men. She is a bad drinker.

Chihiro Minamoto



The dominatorics of SPA-HAKU, who launched the office using vast personal assets. Appears to be capable of both dominant and submissive roles. Often uses polite language, but can be quite violent and selfish.

She leans heavily towards logical reasoning, and stubbornly reject the recent global trend of implementing punishment automation and AI.

Favorite thing is working naked, while their least favorite thing is ghosts.

Emma Hazuki Totsuka


Jobspankologist (anatomy)
AoRart, dark literature

A spankologist who was researching the human engineering of spanking machines at the Spankology Academy in Paris. Yoshikawa scouted them to lighten shr own workload.

Intensely obsessed with the gluteal muscles to the point of being called “Emma the Gluteophile”, she has numerous specimens of gluteal muscles from various animals, including humans, in her home.

Her favorite yakitori part is “bonjiri,” and her favorite Korean BBQ part is “lamp.” Favorite thing is ghosts.



Jobpunishment robot

A robot tasked with enforcing compliance and administering punishment for violations within the SPA-HAKU office.

Developed jointly by Yoshikawa and The Japan Institute of Spankology, this next-generation spanking robot equipped with autonomous AI. To pave the way for future practical application and mass production, experimental trials are being conducted at SPA-HAKU.

It goes into sleep mode at night as it needs to recharge.

Student Staff

Ami Kamiyama


IT Assistant

A second-year student at Sakuraokayama High School. Yoshikawa picked her up as a part-timer to cover for slacking off at work.

She’s a potential science prodigy but also rumored to be quite crazy.

At school or work, she’s always lively and noisy like an energetic puppy, until she tires out and doze off, resulting in receiving a spanking every day.

She is spending time in their mentor Yoshikawa’s lab, watching Netflix or gaming (even during work).

Shizuki Narita


Administrative Assistant

Kamiyama’s classmate and also Izumi’s support staff, brought by Kamiyama. Kamiyama apparently received a referral fee.

Muscle training is a daily routine for him as a member of the swimming club of the high school.

His grades are average. The frequency of getting spanked at school is also about average.

Since starting to work at the same part-time job as Kamiyama, he feels like he’s been getting dragged into punishments more often, but he’s pretending not to notice so far.

Work relationship


List of How They Address Each Other

SPA-HAKU Office Map

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