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18+ (only JP)

“Frank” and I – TOP page【Classic British Spanking Novel】


Author Anonymous

This novel includes strong violence and sexual content. It’s not suitable for those under 18.

This was originally planned as a project to create a Japanese translation of the novel. However, since the original novel is in the public domain, the original English version will also be published on the website.

1880s England, Hampshire. Wealthy bachelor Charles Vermont encounters an orphaned boy named Frank walking alone on the road after a hunt. Intrigued by his circumstances, Charles decides to take him in and care for him at his estate. However, contrary to Charles’s expectations, Frank, who initially behaved obediently and earnestly, gradually begins to show a selfish attitude.

Feeling the need for discipline, Charles decides that a whip is the best punishment for a boy. And so, Frank is sentenced to a spanking on his bare bottom…

Chapter subtitles are provided here for convenience and were not part of the original text.


Table of Contents: Part 1


Table of Contents: Part 2


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