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Exploring Exhibits at Museum of Sex in New York: A Visitor’s Guide for Spankos


Because of the page theme, this article has a stronger sexual element than other articles. please note.

The other day, I had a brief opportunity to go to New York for work.

Despite the current inflation and the weakening JPY, which clearly isn’t the best time to visit the U.S., I decided to make the most of being in New York and took some time to visit Musium of Sex in Manhattan.

This museum displays historical artifacts and art related to sex.

It’s a general museum focusing on sex, so there aren’t many highlights of spanking. However, I hope to experience a bit of the atmosphere of a country where BDSM is much more popular than Japan.


It’s an extreme JPY depreciation. As of October 3, 2023, the USD/JPY rate stands at 150 yen


The overseas porn site that require payment in dollars have become too expensive, and I can’t afford to purchase anything anymore


Whatever, I don’t care!


Overview of Museum of Sex

When I first visited the city of New York before, one thing that surprised me was seeing an advertisement for the “Sex Museum” on the subway platform. Of course, it wasn’t explicit in design (just the logo on a plain background), but still, it was startling to see an advertisement for an adults-only establishment in a subway station.

Well, that was a while ago, so I’m not sure if it’s still the same now.


This is Musium of Sex.

It’s located at the intersection where Broadway juts diagonally into the famous Fifth Avenue, known for its upscale shops that traverse Manhattan, at Madison Square.

Previously, the entire facility used to be a museum, but somehow, over time, about half of it morphed into what seemed like an amusement center with explicit adult themes. I wonder if they changed their target audience to party animals.


But the name “SUPER FUN LAND”‘ seems too cliché, doesn’t it?

At the entrance of what’s supposed to be an 18+ museum, you’ll encounter a guy who looks like he stepped out of “Cyberpunk 2077” asking for ID.

At the reception, I purchased my ticket. There were three options available, including ones with merchandise, but for now, I just bought the basic ticket for admission only ($36).


The standard ticket comes with a stress relief ball. (I don’t need it…)

The premium ticket comes with a stress ball and an additional bonus. When I saw the picture at the ticket counter, I thought it might be condoms or something. But now, upon closer inspection, it says “Love High Sex Gummy (THC)”. It was candy after all.

What is THC? Since it’s only written as THC, it must be something that Americans understand.


OK, that’s marijuana. I didn’t know.

If I had got a Love High Sex Gummy, I would have eaten it on the streets of NY and gotten high all by myself.


THC is the word that should be taught in English class at school, right?

Introduction of BDSM goods on display


Alright, let’s start fresh and introduce a few museum exhibits. There are various things related to BDSM.



This is exactly the kind of latex outfit you’d expect in a BDSM scene. It’s the formal wear for latex fetishists. Of course, latex fetish doesn’t mean BDSMer, but it’s very closely related.


It’s not like they dress like cats, but that’s how they are traditionally called. I don’t know why.


I love black cat

One personally interesting aspect I find is the versatility of this catsuit in terms of Dom/Sub dynamics.

Wearing the catsuit and holding a whip makes one a Dom, while wearing the catsuit and blindfolding oneself makes one a Sub. It’s curious how despite having such a unique visual, it fits seamlessly into both roles.

The reasons why catsuits touch sexual sensations are…

  • A visual that clings to the body’s contours.
  • The sensation of tightening around the body
  • The scent of latex

but perhaps the most unique is the scent, or rather, the olfactory stimulation. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the smell of rubber, though…

In the commentary, it was written that the latex community originated in Scotland in the 1800s and expanded significantly in the 1960s and 1970s. It seems that community activities are particularly active in cities like New York, San Francisco, Montreal, and Berlin. Hmm, interesting.

Horsetail Anal Plug


The photo is blurry. Sorry about that…

It’s a two-in-one item that combines both anal play and horse play. Well, this plug has a weighty feel to it, as if it could be swung and used to strike someone…

The items listed below were described as being used in combination:

  • Gag
  • Saddle
  • Harness
  • Collar
  • Hoofboots
  • Bridle
  • Catsuit
  • Riding crop
  • blinder

Fully equipped! If this were an RPG game, you’d probably get a set bonus skill!!

In terms of spanking, crop is a must. However, when you have all these things together, it really does feel like a serious group…


In the first place, just an anal plug is serious from the vanilla’s point of view

The sexual preference for engaging in this type of animal play is referred to as …



These are individuals who simply enjoy identifying themselves with animals.

There’s also a similar term,


which refers to individuals who cross the line into viewing animals as sexual objects.

With just a four-letter difference, the severity of the conversation changes, so it’s important not to confuse the two.

Veneration Kit


The handle portion is designed to mimic THAT, creating a matching pair.

I’ve never seen the term “Veneration Kit” before, but I can somewhat understand what “Veneration” means.

It’s a set comprising, as described in the commentary, a cherry wood paddle and a peacock feather tickler, and it looks luxurious just by appearance.


I feel like this tickler is a bit too bulky… It seems like it would be prickly.

As indicated by the word “Veneration”, the main focus of these items is probably not the paddle or the feathers, but rather the silver handles. Whether there are other uses for these handles besides being handles is not entirely clear, but the paddle and feather tickler attached to them are described as follows.

These luxury tools are designed to provide luxurious, full-body sensations that the handle alone cannot provide.


Hey, it’s just a foreplay item!

Well, as we saw it…

Here, these paddles are positioned as a complementary method of sex. Therefore, it is not the place to dig too deeply on this site…


I don’t allow spanking to be a subtheme, haha

Since the word “veneration” came up, I’ll touch on one point.

One of the concepts in BDSM philosophy is Body Worship. This is not specifically like “phallus worship” in primitive religions, but rather, in a broader sense, it refers to a fetish for specific body parts.


It’s like playing “Please let me lick your feet”

There are countless ways to evoke various sensations in every part of the body, whether sexual or non-sexual. Such as tickling or icing.. Spanking can be one of the incorporated ideas.

The journey of sensory exploration among BDSM practitioners is endless.

F/M butt slap symbolizes women’s social advancement ??

Oh, spanking! There’s a spanking! I rushed towards it like finding an oasis in the desert.

It’s a perfume commercial.


Since the explanation of the exhibit is a bit complicated, let me provide the full text for now

Nothing epitomized the shift towards female autonomy and sexual sufficiency more than the Revlon Charlie perfume advertisements of the 1980s. One such ad campaign from 1987 featuring a woman playfully patting a man on the backside caused an uproar. The NewYork Times even refused to run the ads, saying they were “sexist and in poor taste”

Oh, what’s this? Hold on a second.


I initially thought it was going to be another story about a controversial sexual harassment advertisement…

but upon closer reading, it seems like the beginning is saying something completely different, doesn’t it?

“epitomized the shift towards female autonomy and sexual sufficiency”?

Are they saying that a woman slapping a man’s butt indicates that women are gaining power in society? Really?


Even if it’s an ad from 40 years ago, is that really a thing?

According to the “ANA Educational Foundation”, a marketing-related organization…

If there was a theme in 1980s fragrance advertising, it was that women and men were equals in the sexual pursuit. Forbes writer Joshua Levine commented in 1990, “Advertisements today frequently picture women as sexual aggressors or at least equal sparring partners, rather than available sex objects.”


Revlon’s Charlie created a stir with a subtle gender-bending pat on the backside in 1987

OK, they say a woman spanking a male colleague is gender bending.


Gender bending?

The other day, I saw a middle-aged man cosplaying in a high school girl’s uniform.


Ah… could you provide another example?

I enthusiastically delved into an ad for a spanking, only to find myself getting carried away and digging deeper than intended… Nevertheless, considering it’s displayed in a museum, there must have been some sensational element to this butt slap after all.

On the above page, there was also a comment from the New York Times.

According to Mal MacDougall, the man who wrote the ad, “It was meant as an asexual gesture, the same kind of thing a quarterback does to a lineman.” Not everyone was convinced; the New York Times refused to run the ads, saying they were sexist and in poor taste.

Yes… you know. Even if someone says, “Oh, this spanking is just friendly physical contact”, it’s still…

And “Fifty Shades Of Grey”


It’s quite common for there to be a certain number of people who have aversion to such movies.

This movie becoming a hit and increasing the awareness of SM play led to various issues such as dangerous play and coercion of unwanted play. However, that’s already an individual issue…

I believe that “Fifty Shades”, which boldly introduced such an underground theme into the mainstream, is a meaningful work, regardless of what direction it takes.


At this museum, there are many more things related to sex, but for now, this is about the extent of what we’ll introduce on this spanking website.

Let’s explore the museum shop!

So, let’s take a casual look around the shop, shall we?


Is there anything interesting here?


Bondage Bearz。There were a few options available. But am I the only one who doesn’t feel like they’re tightly bound?


Wow! There’s a long, amazing red whip! Incredible! Hey! I really want to try it out!! Wow!!


Shut up! Don’t suddenly appear like that!

When it comes to implements, including paddles, there’s a lot of pink-themed ones overall.


Hmm, with pink, it inevitably gives off that erotic goods vibe, doesn’t it?


No, t’s erotic goods. Do you see this as some kind of sacred weapon or something?


The mirror image of “SLUT”.


But these types of paddles seem to have mostly common words, so they might lack a bit of novelty.

LOVE, XOXO… We could probably buy them on Amazon. I wish they had some more unusual letters.


For example, it would be nice if they made paddles like “I♥NY” as souvenirs, don’t you think?


What a girly room! It’s sure to tickle a teen’s heart!


It looks like a shop for high school girls, doesn’t it?


We don’t need to blur so much in a shop for high school girls!

Sorry, but there are sticks and holes lying around everywhere as if it’s natural… I can’t just post it as is…


What’s this, miniature implements?

So cute~ Too cute~ I’m buying this!


Oh Chika, do you have money to buy it?



I purchased the “Mini Impact” series from Rouge. Paddle and Crop. Both were $13 each.


Both are about 25 cm long. They’re not practical at all, but they’re cute, so it’s fine