Funy Japanese Spanking anecdote from the Samurai Era, “Shirimochi”

Japanese Rakugo Shirimochi

Unfortunately, there is not much historical literature on spanking culture in Japan.

However, during the Edo period when samurai ruled the country, people’s buttocks also should have been producing vibrant and melodious sounds, because the rakugo story “Shirimochi” speaks to us about that time !


Hello, it’s Izumi, in charge of history topic. Today, I’ll intorduce a short rakugo story, named ‘Shirimochi’.

I’ll also explain about ‘rakugo’ later.

Shiri : butttocks
Mochi : chewy traditional rice cake

yes, like that

OK, then let’s see the story !


Story of Shirimochi

A poor couple living in a tenement. Despite it being New Year’s Eve, they don’t have money to make the traditional New Year’s rice cakes. Since it would be embarrassing to be the only ones in the tenement not making rice cakes, the husband comes up with a plan.

After performing as if a rice seller had arrived, making sure the surrounding neighbors could hear, the husband instructs his wife to show her buttocks. She resists, but in the end, she exposes her buttocks, and the husband starts spank her bare bottom, creating sounds as if they were pounding rice cakes.

The wife, unable to bear spanking any more, concludes with the punchline: “Let’s not make the rest into rice cakes, let’s eat it as rice!”


When you pound rice with a mortar again and again, it becomes sticky and chewy mochi. And the sound at that time is like spanking butt.


So, the husband used the sound of spanking his wife to make it seem to the neighbors as if they were making rice cakes, all to hide the fact that they didn’t have money to buy rice …

I used to make mochi for New Year preparation, when I was a child too, but it was really tiring. You need spank… ah no, pound many many times…

Rakugo “Shirimochi” and its variations


This “Shirimochi” is one of rakugo repertoires.

“Rakugo” is a traditional Japanese storytelling art form where a solo performer acts out humorous stories using minimal props.

What Is Rakugo

The storyteller plays multiple characters and aims to make the audience laugh through witty and comical narratives. In rakugo, there are numerous famous repertoires.

‘Shirimochi’ is a true classic rakugo piece (not a modern creation) and documented as a performance piece from around the mid-19th century.


It’s a comedy performance, so various gags can be added by the players.

For example, it’s a corny joke, but when the wife is spanked from behind, she accidentally lets out a fart. The kids listening burst into laughter !

“Shirimochi” was inspired by a comical book in 1802

This rakugo story has an original source, which is a short story titled “Shirimochi” (the same title) written by the Edo period comic book author, Jippensha Ikku (1765-1831). It is also said that he might have drawn inspiration from ancient Chinese stories.


Jippensha Ikku

In fact, I had never read this original work before. So, to write this article, I went to a large library and even used the closed stack request service to borrow his complete collection.

And from among several thick volumes, I finally found Jippensha Ikku’s original “Shirimochi”.


Hey, don’t you have anything else to do!?



『臍くり金』(1802) 十返舎一九

Let’s read original story of “Shirimochi” !

Since New Year’s is approaching, it’s the season for making mochi.

There was a doctor who had no patients and no money to make mochi.

He asked his servant,
“Our household is the only one not making mochi; it looks bad. Is there any good way to handle this?”

The servant replied,
“I have a good idea. I’ll stick out my buttocks, and you can slap them with your palm. It will make a sound like we’re making mochi, and it will keep up appearances in the neighborhood.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”, the doctor said.

The next morning, while it’s still dark, the doctor began vigorously slapping the servant’s bare buttocks. At first, the servant endured the pain, but as his buttocks turned purple, he couldn’t bear it any longer and said,

“I’m sorry, master, but let’s eat it as regular rice instead of mochi.”

Wait ! The original story was M/M… !


An old man spanks another old man


until his butt turns purple


to intentionally let those around them hear the sound of their spanking


at a still dark hour !!!

What a troublesome behavior. They should be arrested.

My effort put into deciphering the classical text went unrewarded.


I’m tired too, so I’m going to bed now…

Good night, guys. I hope you won’t dream of their spanking session tonight.