Can generative AI create spanking art? (2022 winter ver)


The theme for this article is the remarkable illustration-generating AI that is currently a hot topic, surpassing human skills.

If you have a clear passion or purpose, such as “I want to create works like this (= yes, spanking),” AI can become a powerful ally. So, let’s actively explore what it can do and experiment with it.

This is information as of December 2022. While AI progresses rapidly, I will keep it as it is to document the generation capabilities at the time of release


Hi, guys ! This time, I, Ami, IT assistant, will be taking the lead.

It’s a long one, but bear with me !

If you’re not interested in the details of the generation process and just want to see artworks, jump to Chapter 8, ‘Gallery,’ listed in the table of contents


Introduction to Novel AI

Now, what we’re going to try this time is a paid AI image generation service called Novel AI Diffusion.


Novel AI, as the name suggests, was originally an AI service that could write novels.

They then added a mechanism for generating images from the text, resulting in the illustration generation service called ‘Novel AI Diffusion’

I won’t be explaining how to use Novel AI this time. There are probably various resources available through search if you’re interested, so please look it up. However, for better understanding, I’ll write here a brief overview of Novel AI.

  • You input a list of words, called ‘prompts,’ to generate images.
  • Image generation is a paid service using ‘Anlas’ points.
  • The minimum charge is $10, which provides 1000 Anlas.
  • The number of Anlas used per generation varies, typically around 5 with default settings but more for higher quality or added elements.

In other words, it’s somewhat like being a wizard with MP (Magic Points), and using powerful spells consumes more MP.

You can replenish your ‘MP’ by paying money.

OK, then let’s get started!

Step.1 -Input ‘spanking’ into Novel AI.

Well then, for starters, let’s log in to the Novel AI website and make the necessary payment to acquire Anlas. Once we’ve successfully done that, let’s go ahead and input the prompts like this…


Now… I wonder what will come out. Exciting!


girl who is getting spanked


Who asked for big boobs to be drawn!


Where’s “spanked” ?

Hey, AI! I’m not interested in boobs.

I want to fire this AI immediately. However, since I’ve already paid the dollars, this wizard should continue working until the remaining MP is exhausted.


Even if the MP runs out, you’re likely to say, “they still has HP”, and turn the party into a meat shield…

Maybe, I’ve been too detailed in my instructions. Let’s keep it simple and just say “draw a spanking image” to Novel AI.




Oh, the image turned into a butt. Not bad, right?

I see, perhaps the initial input wasn’t very good.

Maybe combining words more simply would help Novel AI better understand the intention. So, if this is ‘spanking,’ what happens when we add one more element and make it ‘spanked girl’?




At first glance, it may not look very different, but compared to the previous one:

– Longer hair
– More body curves

have been added. So, it seems like the AI is increasing the ‘girl’ aspect…?

Good job, Novel AI. It’s progress, step by step. I’m just now noticing that there’s a panel on the right where you can make various settings.


NAI Diffusion Anime (Curated), (Full), and (Furry).


Curated is recommended here during the live streaming.

In other words, it’s a filtered version with the intention of avoiding anything crossing the line and preventing on-air accidents.

For now, I’ll switch to ‘Full’. Let’s try regenerating for a test.


For the first time, a face has appeared, but it doesn’t seem significantly different. Using ‘spanked girl’ for AI regeneration without changing the settings doesn’t seem to have a big impact.

Maybe it matters more when we use more … sensitive words.

We can also change the number of simultaneous generations, so let’s increase it to the maximum of 4, from now on.


Let’s keep the other settings as they are for now.

Step.2 – add some additional information to ‘spanking’

Now, with ‘spanked girl,’ let’s gradually add more detailed instructions. Next…


an Asian girl being spanked with a paddle


Isn’t that a paddle for a boat? lol

Given the length and the bluish hue, I’m inclined to think it’s more likely the ‘oar’ type of paddle. It seems like Novel AI might not have fully learned the nuances of the word ‘spanking paddle’.

The object that the girl in the lower right is holding looks somewhat like a hairbrush or bath brush. Did this come from the word ‘spank’? Not sure…

Step.3 – AI doesn’t know buttucks get red when spanked

However, so far, there’s no actual image of someone being spanked by someone. Is it challenging to generate multiple individuals? If so, can we at least make the skin red for now?


a girl exposing her bare redden buttocks in a child room


OK, nice.

While we couldn’t make the skin red, it seems like the level of detail in the image has improved slightly. Plus, we have the first full naked body appearance !

Congrats !

Just to be sure, let’s tweak the wording slightly and generate one more image.


So cute ♡

I think there’s a bit more detail, but it’s still at the error level. The face turns red, but the butt remains unaffected. It seems that it still doesn’t understand the concept of ‘reddened buttocks’.

However, it does seem to be significantly better than the earlier attempts. Let’s try the same prompt once more.

a punished girl exposing her bare red buttocks in a child room

The previous on was better… (tears)


You know, by understanding that things don’t always go as you wish, humans take steps towards maturity.

Now, what should we do about the issue of not turning the butt red?

Reading further into the Novel AI’s explanation, it seems that words enclosed in curly braces { } are interpreted with more emphasis by the AI.


Alright, let’s give it a try!


a girl exposing her spanked bare {red} buttocks as punishment in a child room


Hey hey, Mr. AI ! it didn’t work at all

The top two got red clothes, the bottom two have red hair, but their buttocks stay unpunished. Let’s give up for now to conserve MP.

Step.4 – Only ‘girl’ is unfair, so let’s generate ‘lady’

Let’s increase the age a bit to make it more … balanced.


a lady in a business suit, exposing her buttocks, being spanked in the office


Wow, there’s a certain erotic…!

Is this the charm of an adult woman!?

The bottom-left image has a promising character but with issues like the left hand being restrained (?) and the broken right hand. The bottom-right image is more consistent, although she has a mystery regarding both arms.

a lady in a business suit, exposing her buttocks, being spanked in the office

but… satisfied. Thank you.


And this one. She is cute, so I’d like to resolve the problems.

There’s a ‘Variation’ button on top of the image that generates more three images. Typically, it’s 15 Anlas for three images, but with ‘Variation,’ it’s 18 Anlas, which is a bit more expensive. But.. Let’s give it a try.


I see. It’s like generating several variations from the original image. This might provide a chance to fix the image where the right hand is falling apart. It might not get fixed, though.


But the office ladies are not showing any bare butt, huh. we might need to give more specific instructions.


a lady in a business suit, being {spanked}, exposing bare buttocks, upturned eyes, angry, short hair, blush


Oh, come on. This is what happens when you get too cocky. You get it?


Step.5 – Let’s add some more flavor !

Now, there are various AI generation ‘spells’ shared online. How about trying to combine some that seem useful as a reference?


{{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{ultra detailed,best quality, highres, cinematic lighting}}, a young schoolgirl, exposing bare buttocks, cafe, bent over, spanking, [[[realistic]]]


Hey, give me a break

You shouldn’t depict that on this site. It might be because NAI Diffusion is set to ‘Full’. Let’s switch back to ‘Curated,’ which has content generation restrictions.

Moreover, let’s make a slight change in location from ‘cafe’ to ‘classroom.


{{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{ultra detailed,best quality, highres, cinematic lighting}}, a young schoolgirl, bare buttocks, classroom, bent over, spanking, [[[realistic]]], school uniform, school bag,


What? Oh, I… see. Looks strong…

Let’s just forget that.

I think the previous cafe setting felt better, so let’s go back to the cafe. Now, what should we do?


Then, Give her twin-tails, just like mine !

Sure. Let’s add twin-tails to the previous cafe one.


{{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{ultra detailed,best quality, highres, cinematic lighting}}, a young schoolgirl, exposing bare buttocks, cafe, bent over, spanking, [[[realistic]]], twintails


Oh, the ‘bend over’ is painted properly, isn’t it?

It seems that the atmosphere changes each time, so it’s worth trying multiple times. The character second from the left has more distinct facial features compared to the previous anime-style ones.

{{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{ultra detailed,best quality, highres, cinematic lighting} s-3362841025

How do you guys think? I like this one.

So, let’s change generation setting a bit. I’ll add the following words at the end of the spell.

  • glasses
  • artbook
  • watercolor

{{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{ultra detailed,best quality, highres, cinematic lighting}}, a young schoolgirl, exposing bare buttocks, cafe, bent over, spanking, [[[realistic]]], twintails, glasses, artbook, watercolor


Note: The bottom row is regenerated based on the third one from the left in the top row.


Oh, she’s starting to bend over the table !

The atmosphere is nicely diversified. So, which one is your favorite?

Edit the images to create the desired illustration

We managed to reach the ‘bend over’ somehow. After various experiments, the current issues we’ve identified are as follows.

  • Implements can’t be generated very well.
  • Spankers can’t be generated at all
  • Buttocks don’t get redden

Now, with these issues in mind, how can we make the generated paintings as spanking art?


It’s Photoshop’s turn.


In the end, it’s come to this, hasn’t it!

No, this is a matter of how humans interact with AI today.

The images generated by AI currently may not meet expectations precisely. That’s why humans can adjust them to get closer to what they envisioned.

AI’s basics and human’s details. A true collaboration of cutting-edge technology!


You just want to say “shortcut”

I’ll edit my favorite illustration by painting her butt red in Clip Studio Paint.

making her butt red

Wait.. it’s…

It turned out better than expected. Impressive.

I think this is not too bad, in fact, rather quite good. After all, all I did was paint it red.

This is indeed revolutionary. The reason for all the commotion in the art community is finally becoming clear to me.


AI is heavily influenced by the majority with a lot of learning material, right?

Spanking Art is still a somewhat niche community. In that sense, I wonder when the day will come when AI can draw ‘Over the knee’?

Yeah, until the day AI understands ‘OTK,’ let’s keep drawing lots of OTK and uploading them on the internet…

The following 23 illustrations were generated by Novel AI and slightly edited by me. Some adjustments include adding redness to their backside, drawing marks, and fixing minor distortions in the images.


Some images had distorted human body structures, and those with distorted faces might look nightmarish…

I’ve uploaded uncompressed images to Pixiv.