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Correction in the Girls’ School – Spanking Artwork Library

We’ll delve deep into Adam Johann Braun’s spanking painting, “Punishment at the Girls’ School”.

This masterpiece encapsulates crucial elements essential to the genre of spanking art while maintaining simplicity. It serves as an indispensable reference for those creating spanking illustrations.


Hi! This is Emma, art staff.

I love this painting. The girl’s butt is also plump and cute, isn’t it


What did Johann Braun depict about the girls’ school?

Now, let’s consider the spanker and spankee.

Spanker : nun

The spanker is a nun. She appears to be a Catholic nun, although she doesn’t look very old. If this is a school setting, then she must be a teacher after all. Nuns serving as teachers are typical in Catholic schools.


It does create a strict Catholic girls’ school atmosphere, doesn’t it?

The nun is holding a birch rod. It’s relatively short, but there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly noteworthy about it.

Then, how about her expression?

She doesn’t seem furious, just slightly furrowing her brows and lowering the corners of her eyes, giving off an exasperated vibe like,

“Goodness, you’re quite a handful, aren’t you?”

This could be a crucial clue for guessing the reason for the punishment. It’s a significant piece of information.

Spankee : girl(s)

First, let’s look at the spankee girl. Since it is a girls’ school, there are female students.


Those accessories look pretty pricey, and her dress is so elegant and smooth. It’s not quite like the typical simple and strict British boarding school; more like a fancy girls’ school for high society.

…I wanna eat

At first glance, the dress seemed so pure white and sheer that I actually wondered if it was underwear and the dress was hanging on the chair next to her.

But seeing the two girls behind her wearing similar belts, it seems that the dress she’s currently wearing is indeed an outer layer.

By the way, back then there were no underwear equivalent to so-called panties. When I flipped up the dress, I saw a raw butt.

And her position is bend over…

…over the altar.

She’s getting a lot of attention from Jesus.

She’s in quite an awkward position, barely resting on the altar, almost just her shoulders. Plus, her legs, with only the tips of her right toes touching the floor. It looks like she’d be in danger if she moved during the punishment.


I wonder if there wasn’t a better spot for spanking, Sister

Her butt is completely exposed.

Well, it’s a branch whip, so it’s probably reasonable. That fluffy dress of hers probably wouldn’t let even a paddle make a dent in the first place.

The plump bottom is not redden. In other words, the punishment hasn’t started yet.

Her face… it’s a bit in shadow and hard to see clearly, but her cheeks are flushed red, tears streaming down. Upon closer inspection, they actually seem quite young. The two young ladies behind her also appear quite juvenile.

What’s the reason for the punishment?


Hey you there! Did you just focus on the girl’s butt when looking at this painting?

There’s so much more to this painting, so many stories waiting to be explored. It’s a shame not to enjoy it!

Adam Johann Braun has depicted something as “the reason for the punishment” in this painting. Now, the question is, what might that be?


Did you understand?


Anyone can see that this is it!

TA-DA ~ !!


Okay, on the floor, there’s an envelope with a letter in it, and some kind of drawing

I think I’ve seen scenes like that in an American drama before, where students get punished because their parents didn’t pay the tuition. But this letter doesn’t seem to have that kind of formal tone.

Actually, the drawing enclosed looks kind of like a person, doesn’t it? What has she done? I wonder what mischief this high-born lady has managed to stir up in this strict Catholic school.


Maybe something related to a boy? Hehe

From here on, the painter leaves it to the imagination of the viewer.

Audience, who highlights the spankee

Besides the girl receiving punishment, there are two more girls depicted here.


Nice expressions !

Now, these two who seem frightened here. Of course, one thing to consider about them is whether they’ll also receive a spanking.


Judging by their gestures and expressions, it seems unlikely that they’ve already been punished. So…

Let’s think about what might happen next.

Hypothesis 1: They will be punished


  • The girl on the left is wiping her eyes with a cloth, indicating she’s been crying. Even if she feels sorry for the girl being punished, if she herself isn’t being punished, she probably wouldn’t cry.
  • It doesn’t seem like they’re in class right now. Even if they were, it’s strange for the two of them to be standing in front. Maybe they’re waiting their turn?

Hypothesis 2: They will NOT be punished

  • It’s daytime, so the chance of the two meeting by chance is higher than at night. (Although the whole scene looks dark, there’s sunlight streaming in through the floor. There wouldn’t be such bright candlelight during the day.)
  • If we assume that the fallen letter is the reason for the punishment, it’s hard to imagine a story where all three of them are subjects of punishment.

Unleash your imagination !!

The way of drawing buttocks passed down from his master

Adam Johann Braun is studying art at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

The principal at that time was Martin van Meytens, who left behind many portraits of the Habsburgs. You might have seen his works in history textbooks or something like this.


Adam Johann Braun, the author of this painting, studied under Mr. Meytens.


And this Mr. Meytens, he created rather erotic paintings. That’s the “Kneeling Nun” (1731), composed of these two paintings.

『跪く修道女』マイテンス (1731)


This ample and meaty ass bends over. It could be said that this is also inherited in the paintings of Brown, who is a disciple.

I can’t say for sure, but wouldn’t the patron have Mytens draw this as “an erotic illustration” ? Alternatively, it could be argued that he’s depicting a submissive nun awaiting punishment, but … she’s far too smiling for that.


It’s like, the elderly nun in the background is really scary…!!

Isn’t it fun to enjoy spanking art while letting your imagination run wild? Let’s meet again in the next painting !