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DeMoulin Brothers’ Eccentric but Interesting Spanking Machines

At the beginning of the 20th century, DeMoulin Bros cataloged and sold spanking machines to numerous fraternities across the US. Probably, there has been no other company before or since that offered such an array of spanking machines as DeMoulin Bros did. In this article, I will introduce some of their peculiar merchandise.

In this context, I should technically refer to “fraternities” as the more accurate term, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m using the term “secret society” in this article. Please understand.


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In America, during the 19th and 20th centuries, there were many secret societies. In a time without television, social interaction was a source of entertainment for people.

However, as society progressed, people became busier, and various forms of entertainment emerged. Membership in these old-fashioned secret societies dwindled. Without new members, membership fees for funding the activities weren’t collected, leading to the dissolution of these societies.


Well, it’s not a for-profit business, so the money is meant to go out, isn’t it?


Things can be tough, even for secret societies.

Each secret society conducted a kind of ritual, which is an initiation ceremony, during the selection of prospective members and at the induction of new members.

To generate excitement, small secret societies in America began incorporating various elements of entertainment to revitalize and attract members. However, they couldn’t just play around all year long. That’s where the perfect fun event came into play – the new member welcome party, or rather, the new member welcome party.


DeMoulin Brothers would go on to send a catalog filled with initiation goods’ to secret societies across the US, and some of the items in it were patented.


Well then, let’s take a look at the various products right away. We’ll also introduce the illustrations featured in the catalog from that time.

OK then, let’s now take a look at some of these catalog items.



It’s a simple and straightforward naming. Inexpensive, easy to understand, and engaging, it became one of the bestsellers from the DeMoulin Bros.

The mechanism is simple, shaped like two paddles coming together, with a blank cartridge, which contains gunpowder, loaded in between. The moment you strike this spanker against a pledge’s buttocks, it creates a loud noise. When you purchase the main unit, it comes with 50 blank cartridges included. Additional purchases are also possible.


It looks like something attention-seeking YouTubers would want to use.


Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into an accident.

Striking Maul

The drawing may look like a small hammer, but it’s actually a wooden tool that carpenters use. While it may seem risky to use a wooden mallet to strike someone’s buttocks, in reality, it’s not dangerous as it’s quite lightweight.

…No, it’s probably just “not dangerous” by the standards of people back then. Like spanker, it also has a blank cartridge inside and makes a loud noise.


Hey, mister, you better close your legs and defend your important part properly, or you’re going to die.



Spanking Shovel

spanking shovel

The catalog number is relatively low, and it appears to be one of DeMoulin’s early models among the spankers they sold. When you look at the product description…

Our Spanking Shovel is preferred by many to the ordinary spanker, as it create a more startling effect upon the candidate.

Catalog for Modern Woodmen of America

Based on its emphasis on gunpowder ignition, I think this may have been a successful design, leading to the development of the higher models, like the Spanker or Striking Maul, which improved safety by housing the gunpowder inside the mechanism.

Also, there seems to be a mention of competition. I guess it’s not referring to other companies’ spankers but rather to DeMoulin Brothers’ regular models.


By the way, it is said to be made of metal.


Getting your butt smacked with an iron shovel? That’s way more than just a loud surprise, isn’t it?

Improved Lifting And Spanking Machine


When you lift the handle upwards, the paddle at the back springs up and smacks your buttocks. It’s just as it looks, isn’t it? There’s an illustration of the aftermath in the upper right, and you can see not only the buttocks exploding but also both handgrips buzzing. Even the hair is standing up like in a comedy gag…


How many traps are they setting up ?


But the paddle is shaped like a hand. It’s a bit cute for a secret society, haha

The product descriptions in the catalog were so interesting, I’ll include them all.

With this machine the candidate cannot kick his own pants while wearing them, but can have them spanked where his mother used to apply the sole of her slipper, by simply testing his strength. The position in which he places himself causes a little strain in the seat of his pants, which is not objectionable, as it pulls up all the slack, when he pulls up on the handles.

Just about the time he gets well started lifting, a trigger is automatically released, which causes the spanking paddle to spring into place and strike him on the kazabo, at the same time, exploding a 32-calible blank cartridge with a loud report.

That is not all; there is also an electric motor concealed under the platform of the machine, which is operated by clock work that turns on a good current of electricity at the same time the paddle hits his pants. The sensation can better be imagined than explained.

Great improvements have been made in the electrical part of this machine. We now use a magneto run by clock-work, instead of dry batteries, which were liable to get out of order. Each machine is guaranteed to give a good strong electric current, and will not get out of order. (Weight of machine, packed, 55 pounds.)

The machine takes up but little room. Handles and paddle can be easily removed, so that it will fit in a box 22x34x5¾ inches.

Catalog for Modern Woodmen of America

They were crazy…

They planed and designed the spanking machine, taking into account usage scenarios, long-term usage, and storage options!

I found some actual photos on WorthPoint, and when you look at the close-up pictures, you can see there’s something like a hammer between the paddles.

Antique 1909 DeMoulin Lifting and Spanking Machine Shocking Fraternal Masonic | #409833461 (

According to the seller, the level of buzzing can be adjusted based on the winding of the spring. However, even in this feature-packed hybrid machine, there are some drawbacks.


Despite it being a prank machine, the paddles are completely visible!

Even if they ask the candidate to pull the handle for a strength test to join, it’s pretty obvious that he get his butt smacked!


So that’s why the victim in the catalog illustration has a blindfold on, right? Still, even with a blindfold, he’d anticipate some kind of prank, so it’s not a complete solution.

Even though they claim it’s an improved version..

But the DeMoulin Brothers didn’t give up!

The company’s spanking machine planning and development specialists (note: the brothers) will develop an even more feature-packed, wickedly ingenious new machine.

That is…

Invisible Paddle Machine

invisible paddle machine

Somehow, the machine has evolved a lot.

When you look at the catalog illustration, like the previous “Improved Lifting And Spanking Machine”, it has a handle to lift with both hands. Additionally, there’s water splashing on the face. Also, the paddles are bouncing up towards the buttocks.


Is it attacking from both the face and the butt…?

The essence of this machine lies there.

This time, the paddles themselves are cleverly concealed as the top surface of the device. The catalog’s description claims that it won’t be revealed. However, if you’re told to lift the handle, you’ll naturally be on guard, expecting something to happen. That would make the initiation less fun.

So, theycreated a clearly suspicious hole that seems like something might pop out, right on the face. However, that’s a decoy.

The target goes, “Oh, there’s a hole. Maybe it’ll spray water or something towards the face”, and pays attention, then proceeds to pull the handle. As a result, the back paddles bounce up and smack the unsuspecting buttocks.



By the way, the face does indeed get properly splashed with water. Evil.


Of course, it also comes with the usual blank cartridge explosion for dramatic effect! It’s a standard service of the DeMoulin’s Spanking Machine Series!

As usual, it seems they include a service with 50 blank cartridges for those who purchase the main unit.


What kind of product lineup comes standard with butt explosions?

According to the catalog, this product is $21 for the main unit (I’m not quite sure about the prices back then), but it mentions that for an additional $12.5, you can add the “Improved Lifting And Spanking Machine” electric buzzing feature as an option.

Does this mean they put a electric generator and a water tank for spraying inside the box? They were risking their lifes for spanking, weren’t they?

In fact, there have been quite a few cases of injury or death associated with DeMoulin Brosthers’ products, along with resulting lawsuits.

DeMoulin’s Butt Buzzing Devices

Today, it’s common for even toys to run on electricity. However, back then, prank ideas using electricity had a very novel and interesting appeal. After all, it was the era of having an internal generator instead of a power outlet.

Finally, let me introduce several funy items that use electricity to target the buttocks.

Electric Bench


According to the catalog, the recommended use is to send an electric current right after saying, “Those who will make a donation, please stand up.”


Wow, it’s not just the mechanism, but the usage is also quite extremely awful, haha.

Electric Teeter Totter


The belt that secures their waist on the seesaw has electricity running through it, and when the man feet touch the floor, it triggers a switch. When the electric shock zaps his buttocks, he startles and jumps up, causing the other person to be slammed to the floor, and they get shocked again. That’s how they keep going, with all the commotion.

It’s truly a perpetual motion machine of punishment !


The guy on the left is all smiles, but it’s your turn next

The Human Centipede Or Night Mare


I want to send praises to this sense of humor

This bizarre creature is led by one person at the front, directing them to step forward, step forward… It’s not like a normal centipede race, of course.

When the person at the front flips the switch, electric shocks start buzzing through the buttocks of the other three. The buzzed surface and buttocks are tightly fastened with shoulder bands, and those six legs have no choice but to flutter.

Now, they have to walk and get to their destination. With their buttocks buzzing and legs fluttering, they push forward, giving it their all.

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